CourseCraft: An Online Course Creation Platform to Watch in 2017!

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Some Unique CourseCraft Features

CourseCraft has a few features that kinda stopped me in my tracks (and that’s hard to do!), especially because they all seem to be included in the FREE plan!


I’m a stickler about having choices when it comes to customization — show me a cookie cutter template and I’m on a mission to whip it into a rhubarb pie…with lots of whipped cream! 😉  Ok, maybe a pumpkin pie, but the point is, if I can’t make it my own I’m not likely to use it!

So of course, one of the first things I noticed (that made me go “oooohh” out loud) about CourseCraft’s Course Showcase Page, was the varying sizes of thumbnail images used to showcase the different courses!

My personal fave was this Pinterest-style thumbnail showcasing One Woman Shop’s course!


Another feature that stood out to me right away (compared to popular platforms like Teachable and Thinkific), is the fact that you can create dripped content, even with the FREE plan!

Use of Promo Codes, even on the Free Plan

Something else you won’t find in many FREE plans, is the option to use promo codes for your courses! With CourseCraft, you can set a code for use on one course, your entire school, and limit the number of people who can use it!

Embed on your Website, even on the Free Plan

Need an easy way to add a buy button to your site? Why not just embed your course thumbnail and everything and be done with it? With CourseCraft, you can! (And psst… in the Q+A below, Ryan of CourseCraft reveals that offering OTHER digital products for sale individually — besides courses I mean — is on their list of features they hope to offer soon! Currently, there is already an add-on feature, allowing you to up-sell all kinds of things from e-books to coaching calls with your course!)

Instant Payouts, even on the Free Plan

While Thinkific offers this feature on all of their plans, Teachable (it’s slightly more popular competitor), does not. So, this is definitely still a feature that sets CourseCraft apart in my book!

?? – Free Plan Email Integration?

It’s not clear at first glance how / if you can integrate your students with a third-party Email Service Provider while on the FREE plan, but you can expect a more in-depth review of features such as this when I have a chance to poke around more! And hey… the free plan is, well, FREE so, you may as well give it a spin yourself!

*1 Free Plan Drawback*

Of course the one drawback of CourseCraft’s free plan is the 100 “subscriber” limit, so that might be a concern if you have a large following… though not likely, since if you have over 100 students I doubt even blink at the cost of Course Craft’s paid plans!

Super Attractive Paid Plan Pricing!

Even if you “have” to upgrade to a CourseCraft paid plan, I’ll tell you right now it’s roughly HALF the price of the big names, even at it’s highest tier!

Take a look at the monthly and yearly pricing (found on CourseCraft’s pricing page), and a quick overview of what’s included in each:

A Quick Q+A with Ryan from Course Craft (May 7, 2017)

Seeing as CourseCraft is in its baby stages, I had a few questions I didn’t see immediate answers for, and so I hopped on the chat. Ryan from CourseCraft was more than helpful, and happily OK’d my use of our little Q+A sesh in this post!

MJ: What does “no limits at all to the size of a free course” mean? The number of seats would still be 100, correct?

Ryan: If you’re subscribed to any paid plan there are no limits whatsoever. The free option is the one with the 100 participant limit.

MJ: Are you able to sell add-ons individually, or only bundled with courses?

Ryan: Not at the moment, but we are actively working on this! You’ll be able to sell the same add-ons as you do during the enrollment process, and I think we’ll also be adding the ability to have addons that are only available after the fact from within the course. Stay tuned!

MJ: Is there Course Craft branding on any / all of the plans?

Ryan: There is some CourseCraft branding. At the bottom of the course is a little footer that says ‘made with CourseCraft’. The participant gets an email about their new CourseCraft account. Emails related to the course have your custom branding but again say ‘made with CourseCraft’ at the bottom. This is because we offer support to participants who are having login trouble and things like that. They can log into their account and there is a CourseCraft branded dashboard where the course(s) they are enrolled in are listed. So we surface the fact that they have a CourseCraft account. It’s pretty minimal, we think. People seem ok with it and I think our support makes it worth it 🙂

MJ: Can I connect to Zapier, and/or an external Email Service Provider (specifically, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, ConvertKit)?

Ryan: We have a bunch of email provider integrations. From your list, we support ConvertKit. Others, and services like Zapier, are on our list as potential features to add but I don’t have an ETA on any of them unfortunately.

MJ: Do you have a referral or affiliate program? 🙂

Ryan: CourseCraft has a feature which allows you to run an affiliate program for your course, but we don’t have an affiliate program where you can point course creators to us unfortunately. Something to think about for the future!

FREE Courses by CourseCraft

What would a course platform be without some courses of their own? CourseCraft created a couple you can try for FREE to help you find your way around CourseCraft, and also know how to create killer graphics for your e-Courses in general!


More on CourseCraft, Coming Right Up!

Watch out for a more in-depth review and/or walk-through of some of CourseCraft’s features, ’cause I can’t wait to dig in and experience it behind the scenes!

In the meantime, I hope you found this overview post helpful in your Course Platform search, and I encourage you to go check out CourseCraft’s own FREE Courses or sign up for CourseCraft’s FREE plan right now, and do some exploring yourself! 😀

And hey, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it too, so be sure to come back here and get your commenting on!